Meet Our Providers

Jeffrey G. Ogden, MD

Achieve Health

About Dr. Ogden

For over twenty years, Dr. Jeffrey Ogden, an internal medicine specialist, has been diagnosing and treating the residents of the greater Utah County area. Dr. Ogden addresses many types of illness, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure (hypertension), obesity, and hormonal dysfunction (thyroid, testosterone, and estrogens). He focuses on the prevention of disease and the preservation of optimal health.

Scott T. West, PA-C

About PA Scotty

Scott West, PA-C has been at Achieve Health Since 2017. He is interested in promoting healthy lifestyle changes for our patients with diabetes and weight management issues.

"My goal as a provider is to help improve the health of my patients through listening, educating, and encouraging them to make healthy lifestyle choices. I want people to be active in managing their health to achieve a healthier and happier medication-minimized life". ~ PA Scotty

Achieve Health

Maite A. Antola, PA-C


About PA Maite

Maite has been working at Achieve Health since May 2021. She speaks fluent Spanish. Maite works hard to find the source of a patient's health concerns and provide the appropriate treatment and management necessary.

"I am passionate about teaching people to live a medication-free and healthy lifestyle by making attainable goals and creating healthy lifelong habits".

~ PA Maite